Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Small School Teaching in Haiti

by Jimmy

I was thinking today why I love my job. Teaching at a (very) small school can be quite advantageous.

1. I have the best co-teacher EVER - my wonderful wife!

2. My daughter comes to school with us.

3. The students get individualized attention, support and help.

4. Parent/teacher conferences always involve food, good food, and sometimes swimming.

5. I can farm on the side, and call it a science project.

6. Each student is unique, very, very unique. No generalizations here.

7. Any and every subject is available to teach and learn.

8. The brain can stretch as it tries to comprehend Senior level Physics, while getting asked about what a particular word means, by a 5th grader - who also should be in Senior level English.

9. Flexible time - If we go long on History because the students are still asking questions, we can go long. No bells here.

10. I get to experiment with curriculum. If something doesn't work, I get to change it quickly. If something does work, dances get made up.

Some small school pics...

Small school PE time... Trampoline in the rain.

 Hard at work. Paper snowflakes take a lot of concentration.
 Classmates, friends, brothers, and sisters, all interchangeable.
Noisemaker in training. 
 Computer class
One of the drawbacks to teaching in Haiti - termites are bookworms as well.


  1. I love this. I love your precious family! Can't wait to see you all (I hope) over Christmas. Precious times you are all having. What a sweet blessing! So thankful for the provision of God to and through you there in Haiti.

  2. That's awesome! Love it! There are termites! No way!!!