Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Happenings

During the "Passion Week" we tried to find activities to do at school each day to help teach about Christ's Death and Resurrection. These included hiding and finding different items that are referenced in the scripture and help tell the Easter story, dying Easter eggs and talking about new life in Christ, drawing pictures of the Easter story, and making "Resurrection Rolls" (an edible example of the empty tomb).
Our family was privileged to enjoy a sunrise Easter service with our church at a beautiful point overlooking Port-Au-Prince as well as a tasty lunch and time of fellowship at the McHoul's house Easter afternoon. Abigail got her first ever Easter basket from "Grandma" Beth. Daddy was excited about helping her out with it. :o) We enjoyed our first Easter together as a family as well as our first Easter in Haiti - it was a sweet reminder that life and light have conquered death and darkness. Jesus has overcome!

Friday, April 20, 2012

After School Study/Homework Group

What else would you do right after you got out of school?
It's tough having students like these.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pictures for Abigail's Adoring Public :o)

She is so much fun! A really good baby - very relaxed and easy. Mom was already able to do a lot at school this week because Abigail is so good. She'll be one month old on Monday! Daddy adores her. He tells her about a hundred times a day how beautiful she is. Mommy is thankful for such a sweet girl and enjoys her kisses and snuggles.
We went to the Embassy to apply for her passport this morning. The appointment went well (despite the horror stories we've heard). However, we got a call this afternoon that her Haitian birth certificate (which is in French) says she is a boy. So now we have to track down the person who drew that up and try to get a new one and get a new appointment at the Embassy... You can pray that those things happen quickly and smoothly and for a passport ready in order for us to come home this summer.